woe, debian testing i lost my keyboard

jim jim at amarooas.com.au
Fri Mar 21 19:14:51 EST 2003

inspired by this list i changed "stable" to "testing" and did upgrade in 
kpackage. many strange questions followed demanding y/n/maybe answers. i 
recall something about keyboards, but it was not familiar. anyway the 
end result after closing X the console keyboard does not work.  did 
reboot but still the console keyboard is wrong. i guess i guessed a 
wrong answer in the upgarde.  i mean if i press asdf the screen echos 
1234, and worse on other keys. thank goodness i have this on a network, 
so i can ssh into the machine. i can probably fix this if i can just get 
a hint which file do in need to try and guess better?
this is debian-testing-sparc64

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