Jepri jepri at
Thu Mar 20 23:01:03 EST 2003

On 2003.03.19 13:06 Michael Still wrote:
> On Tue, 18 Mar 2003, A J wrote:
> > I was wondering if anyone has the solaris system CDs. I give the
> blank CDs
> > in return of the solaris CDs .
> Ummm. Wouldn't that be illegal?

Then you'd better report Sun to themselves for pirating their own 
operating system.

Technically you can't redistribute Sun CDROMs but if you think of the 
CD burner as a kind of proxy server then it's not too evil.  After all, 
if he was standing next to you while you downloaded and burnt it, it 
would be legal.  He's just a bit further away, that's all.

Oddly enough the x86 version is $20 to download, while the sparc one is 
free.  But why would you want the x86 version?

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