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I had some problem connecting to transact and some of you suggested that I might have to change the default gateway and indeed it was the case. Thank you for your help

Unfortunately, the machine I am connecting with at the moment is my router/firewall, and I cannot browse the net from any other machine. As I am far from being a linux wizzard I need some SIMPLE (read dumb) advice/diagnostic tools.

What I can do:

-ping the router  from other machines (win 98)
-ping the win boxes from the router
-samba is working

What I can't do:

-ping any internet address
-ping the router with the local domain extension (firewall.nic) although the win98 machine has a hosts file with this information and so does the router

What I have tried:

-changed (briefly) iptables rules to -j ACCEPT to check that the firewall is not stopping some critical information --> no change
-checked network settings
-read all sorts of network how-tos 

route shows:

Kernel IP routing table
Destination             Gateway         Genmask                     Flags     Metric     Ref    Use     Iface     *                      UH            0      0        0     ppp0                    *                           U             0      0        0     eth0                   *                                  U             0      0        0     lo
default                         UG            0      0        0     ppp0

adsl-setup shows:

Note: You have enabled demand-connection; adsl-status may be inaccurate.
adsl-status: Link is up and running on interface ppp0
ppp0      Link encap:Point-to-Point Protocol  
          inet addr:  P-t-P:  Mask:
          RX packets:3 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:3 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:3 
          RX bytes:30 (30.0 b)  TX bytes:30 (30.0 b)

hosts file on router:

# Do not remove the following line, or various programs
# that require network functionality will fail. localhost localhost.localdomain firewall.nic firewall zebulon.nic zebulon gateway.netspeed gateway zazie.nic zazie kyo.nic kyo astrid.nic astrid

I hope that someone can help, also as I am presently undergoing some medical treatment I am considering paying somebody to fix this problem, who would want to do this?

Thanks for your help

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