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Kim Holburn kim.holburn at
Wed Mar 19 17:04:57 EST 2003

At 4:54 PM +1100 03/3/19, James McNeill wrote:
>These guys are the cheepest I've found, running in a domain for
><$7.50 aus. per year.
> used to be free!!!  When did that change?

>Never actually used them, so can't comment on reliability etc.
>for reference, here's a list of registrars for .au
>| I have a .org domain comming up for renewal this year with Network
>| Solutions and they are asking $35/year... The domain name is important
>| to me (it hosts an open source app with a reasonably large community
>| behind it) so I am pretty risk adverse, but $35/year is a bit too pricy
>| for me.
>| So, can anyone suggest a low cost, no hassles domain registrar to
>| transfer to?
>| Alfred

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