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Paul Bryan pa_bryan at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Mar 12 17:24:22 EST 2003

On Wednesday 12 March 2003 16:47, Steven Hanley wrote:
> All
> I did not know the answer to this, I thought I would ask here.
> Does TAFE do courses that intensive?

I don't think CIT has anything like this. You might want to try CIT 
Solutions[1] which is the "Commercial" side of CIT. They often run short 
courses, but I couldn't see much about IT on the web. The web site is being 
redesigned though, so it's quite possible that they haven't uploaded the 
latest info. I think the new site should be live by the end of March, but 
don't hold me to it.


[1] http://www.cit.act.edu.au/citsol/

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