Partition Magic & ext2fs Q

James Macnicol jamesm at
Thu Mar 6 19:01:03 EST 2003

	I have agreed to help a friend who has dug himself into a
(relative shallow) hole by using Partition Magic to shrink his /home
filesystem and then found that his primary superblock has been nuked.
Apparently PM can "see" the filesystem and its contents okay from
Windoze but e2fsck barfs when he tries to boot Linux.  I believe this
system is Mandrake 9 so it should have a fairly recent version of the
ext2fs tools.  He has tried a fair number of values for n in "e2fsck
-b n /dev/hda6" in order to try to recover from an alternate
superblock but nothing has seemed to work.  Does anyone have any
suggestions as to where to go from here?



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