[clug] Windows filesystem weirdness "com1"

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Tue Jun 24 15:06:29 EST 2003

Hi Antti,

> A little experimentation replicates the same problem on my Linux boxen.

Do you mean Samba/Linux to a W2K box?

> Anyone got any ideas on this seemingly arbitrary filename limitation? It
looks like
> anything that could be a device name won't work. Especially annoying as I
> want to break the apps I am archiving (or roll them into a tar file). :-P

It sounds like Windows Explorer trying to cunningly interpret files for you.
I have seen a similar problem with Explorer browsing Attache5 directories;
in that case I think it was Attache's *.pif or *.lnk extensions which sent
the processor into high utilisation.  Not good for a server :)

Have you tried copying using a cmd prompt?  I've found xcopy has helped me
around that sort of problem.  I can't recall whether it's been useful for
device names particularly, but worth a shot.

Good luck

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