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Tue Jun 24 09:28:29 EST 2003

Sam Varghese has posted THREE TIMES on Melbourne LUG.... the most recently
in early February 2003 and nothing to do with SCO!

My google search shows these as Sam Varghese's email addresses:
svarghese at
sambo at 

But, also see an article on Linux by him at

And, this is an OLD (Feb. 2002) web page where a person named Sam Varghese 
is a "University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign <>  -
student" majoring in Mathematics:
with email svarghes at 


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		Hey all,

		I was just pointed at this article by someone on IRC:

		The article itself is just a bunch of soundbites from
various LUGs
		around the country, but the final paragraph kinda annoyed

		  The Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide user groups did not
bother to
		  respond.  The Brisbane group promised to send in a
reaction but failed
		  to do so.

		Has anyone ever heard from 'Sam Varghese', the author?  My
list archives
		don't show him/her ever posting, and google agrees.  Perhaps
		contacted someone off-list?

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