[clug] CLUG and LinMagAu

Kimberly Shelt kim at linmagau.org
Sun Jun 22 14:40:47 EST 2003

Hi LUG list members,

As you know we are running an online Linux/Oss Mazagine
(http://www.linmagau.org) and I am looking to find a way
for more members of various LUGS around the country to
contribute :)

We would like to start a "Tips and Tricks" section in each edition.

We have run some before, in previous editions and they were
well received, however we would like to try to make this an ongoing 
"section" which is linked back/connected to various LUGS 
throughout the country.

What we would like to ask of all LUG members is to have a go
at writing just a small page or two about some facet of Linux
they think would be helpful for new folks coming into the 
Linux Community.

It doesnt need to be a big or huge HOWTO, just basic stuff
like how to start X-Windows, suggestions on how to shut down etc..

I found a sort of "starter page" here 
And this is exactly the kind of thing I mean.. just a very easy todo
for new people stuck at the prompt for the first time :)

I emailled squadron, but so far no reply, perhaps the pages are out
of date and he/she is no longer answering that mail box?

I am guessing that many LUGs already have some kind of library
reference for their members, so perhaps it is just a case of
gathering info already written ?

I think this would be a great way to give new linux users a quick
"leg up" so to speak, and of course, with articles linked back to
your LUG, and the calendar on the LinMagAu pages, showing your
meeting dates and web pages, this means these new folks will 
find out about your LUG, mybe join up and perhaps one day 
add to the tips section as well.

Also on the note of New folks, if you are a new person to Linux
and would liketo contribute do so.. don't be put off "in case"
you might get it wrong.. this is how everyone learns in OSS :)
We can happily co-ordinate a space on the site (probably the forums)
where you can post your drafts and others can assist in getting
it "right".. if there is such a thing in the Linux world .)
Usually there are many "right" ways :)
If you are unsure, we also have people around who can
assist with helping you draft docs, so just email me back
directly and we will sort out how to help :)

Co-ordination of this effort is a little tricky as we don't want
folks to duplicate each others efforts, so to that end I have
created a new forum in the mag, where you can just write a line
saying "I will do $whatever".. and other folks can check there
before getting started. You dont have to be a member of the site
to post to the forums, however if you post as guest, please leave
some indication of how we can contact you, or email me direct.

Your suggestions are always welcome, so please mail back to me
if you have any questions, flames or even words of praise :)
 This magazine is about getting the word out about LUGS,
 other associated OSS groups and organisations, and the folks
 who are involved with Linux/OSS  so please feel
 free to forward this mail to others you think may be interested :)

 Kimberly Shelt

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