[clug] un-long-listable directory

Jepri jepri at webone.com.au
Thu Jun 19 19:32:53 EST 2003

Just read the interview with Reiser on slashdot today.  Hans Resier 
bags out ext3, but I think he's got his head stuck somewhere funny.  If 
ResierFS keeps giving you trouble, switch to ext3.

Whatever the faults of it's creators, ext3 is very, very stable.  And 
in an emergency you can still switch it back to ext2 with literally no 
work at all.

I love Reiser's plans for the filesystem, and I plan to switch to it... 
after seeing it working stably on other machines for about 10 years.

On 2003.06.19 17:04, Michael.James at csiro.au wrote:
> For Those That Are Interested. FTTAI
> More unlistable directories are cropping up.
> When vmware wouldn't start
>  I went looking and fell into another...
> So I took the trouble to drop down to run level 1,
>  unmount /home and do a fsck.reiser on it.
> It ran without finding any errors,
>  but now everything works and the files are listable!
> Hmpf, I don't like this,
> michaelj
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