[clug] Printer opinions

Burn Alting burn at goldweb.com.au
Tue Jun 17 18:07:04 EST 2003

Hi Peoples,

I need some advice/opinions on printers.

My old LaserJet 4 is starting to show it's age by munching on paper
every so often. I think it might be time to retire it. Ploughing another
$200-$300 odd into it, to fix it, seems to be the price of a decent mid
range inkjet printer.

So, I'm looking for Linux friendly printers. A new laser would be great
but it's price tag is a little to much for the amount of printing I do.
So I think I'd like a decent "mid-range" colour inkjet printer. Most of
my printing will be straight black text but it would
be nice to have the option of printing nice colour stuff (and photos) as

On looking around the web (and linuxprinting.org) it would appear that
good printers would be either the Epson C82 or HP's DeskJet 6122 or HP's
Photosmart 7150. Does anyone have experience/opinions on these three

Thanks in advance

Burn Alting
burn at goldweb.com.au

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