[clug] WebOne Woes Continue

Dale Shaw DShaw at exceed.com.au
Mon Jun 16 08:22:27 EST 2003

Do you have some personal issue with WebOne? The paragraph following the
one you quoted goes on to say:

"Consequently we are currently undertaking an upgrade to the centre to
increase our capacity and this will involve the installation of a new
PABX and the recruitment and training of additional staff. The PABX
should be installed by early May and new staff will continue to be
employed until we are able to meet call demand to our usual fast and
professional standards."

So, they've acknowledged and (presumably, by now) fixed the problem.
Perhaps they could've forecast the high demand, perhaps they couldn't

Since you've already made it clear in previous posts that you've made
the choice to move away from WebOne and are completely satisfied with
Netspeed, I don't see how this affects you. Stop spreading FUD and give
them a fair go. If it all goes to mud, you can say "I told you so".


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I was browsing through the iinet web site and found their latest
to their customers.  Its first paragraph went like this...

"If you have recently called or emailed us you may have had to wait
before getting through to our support staff. Due to the huge success of
bliink, and the popularity of iiNet services in general, our customer
service centre hasn't been able to grow fast enough to keep up with
The increased volume of calls has also caused some technical problems in
Telephone System (PABX)."

Whats going to happen once webones customers start hitting their help
if they cant handle the customers they already have.

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