[clug] RE: MORE - webone sells out to iinet

Gavin Owen gavino at webone.com.au
Fri Jun 13 23:48:20 EST 2003

Greets all - am new to the list. Speaking as an ex-AONL (Asia ONLine)
employee, and current Webone subscriber, I can say this announcement
sent a few chills up my spine.

The webone team have been hiterto fantastic in their level of support
and customer feedback. I hope they can keep it up, and keep it local.

Usually when big fish eats little fish, big fish outsources support to
cheap bulk callcentre a long way away that follow pre-defined 'problem
solving flow charts' with no real-world modem and/or computer
experience. In the case that I am very familiar with, the Sydney-based
callcentre doing the outsourcing was more used to directing tourists to
hotels and train stations at the Sydney Olympics...but then needed
another gig post-Olympics and suddenly became Internet 'experts' on the
cheap, whilst knowledgeable locals were laid off. big fish then goes
belly-up from eating too much cheap and nasty fish-food ;)

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