[clug] Netspeed satlink & ppp dialers...

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Tue Jun 10 08:38:50 EST 2003

Geoff, does the modem actually connect?  I look after a bunch of Redhat
boxes with Netspeed/Commindico/iHug connections and have struck this one a
few times, mainly in the actual rural sites (as opposed to Amaroo rural :)
The symptom there was the modem not connecting and instead hearing the
Telstra chick saying the number cannot be connected.  A handset on the line
can dial the same number no probs.

In that case it's the S11= setting in /etc/wvdial.conf.  S11 is DTMF dial
tone duration in millisecs, wvdial uses about 50 which ends up as 70ms in
most Aussie modems.  Try setting it to 90 or higher (Maestro Woomera's
default to 90) or removing it and performing an at&f to retrieve what it
normally should be.

wvdial seems to be based on the US POTS world, where they must consider dial
time to be wastefull.  Interestingly enough, I encountered it at 2 sites
that may share the same exchange and both faulted after several months of
seemless operation.


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> Hi folks,
> I'm having problems dialing into netspeed to connect to their satlink
> plan. (I think the satlink part is irrelevant, it's really just a
> standard dialup ppp connection).
> I've always used wvdial to do my dialling, but for some reason with
> netspeed, it always takes 3 or 4 attempts before it will set up a
> connection correctly. Every other time it tells me INVALID LOGIN.
> KPPP works fine. Every time I use kppp to dial up, it connects first go.
> That's great, except my gateway box sits in a corner out of the way with
> no screen and keyboard, I only ssh in. With X forwarding, kppp works
> fine over ssh, up to the point I want to terminate the ssh session. As
> soon as I kill it, kppp dies. It seems that the "Disconnect on X server
> shutdown" option makes no difference. It dies both ways, ticked or not.
> So, any suggestions for any of the following....
> a) make wvdial work every time with netspeed
> or
> b) make kppp not kill the ppp session if it is killed.
> or
> c) any console ppp dialers that work as well as kppp?
> Cheers,
> Geoff

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