[clug] Migarate files from Novel to linux file server

Uma AVL umaavl90 at yahoo.com.sg
Sat Jun 7 11:12:15 EST 2003

I have a novel file server v5.0. I need to convert it to Linux file server red hat 7.0. The size of data is 240gb. I got problems for migrating this huge data from novel to linux. I installed samba for linux on linux server. I don't have samba for novel. I am using a 3rd pc to copy files from novel to linux. I installed win 2K, novel client on the pc and made available novel and linux as 2 drives. To migrate files from novel to linux, I am drgging files from novel drive to linux drive using windows explorer. CBut its taking to much of time, 85GB/7hrs.
Can anybody suggest me a better solution to complete the task fastly? If u any better solution than this can u help me with it?  
Its very urgent for me. Earliest response will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,

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