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Leigh Finch leigh at primeproperty.com.au
Fri Jun 6 16:24:19 EST 2003

If no-one else hhas replied yet, could you include a copy of the smb.conf
file. I dare say it is asking for a password to connect to $IPC. Which
usually means that you don't have a valid account on the samba server. With
regards to the first query others might know straight off, but I'd need to
have a look at the smb.conf file.


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I have Mandrake 9.0 on a machine and started samba. On the local on 
another linux box I try to connect and get:

smbclient -L monaro-h
added interface ip= bcast= nmask=
Connection to monaro-h failed

On a win98 machine in netwotk neighbourhood clicking on the machine I am 
requested for a password, but which password ?

Any suggestions?
Adrian Blake
Research Assistant
University of Canberra
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