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Ellis, LCDR Peter Peter.Ellis at defence.gov.au
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CD "Burning" HOW-TO

But first, Why?
*	Turning a perfectly good CD into a useless one;
*	Watching "silver and gold" [or whatever it is] coalesce inside
*	Watch the lightning in your microwave;

A.	One CD
B.	One old/unwanted ceramic mug
C.	About 200-250ml water
D.	One piece of paper towelling at least slightly larger than a CD
E.	One microwave oven

1.	Place the piece of paper towelling on the carousel of the microwave
2.	Put almost a full mug of water on the paper.
3.	Place a CD on top of the mug.
4.	Turn on the microwave for 1 minute.
5.	Watch the bright blue 'lightning' tracks on the surface of the CD.
6.	Check the CD visually. [Caution: May be very hot!] 
7.	Repeat steps 4 to 6 until satisfied that no further experimentation
is warranted.


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		Yup.. We could explain on the site that these are OEM CDs
and although
		the original owner paid good money for them, they are now
worthless due
		to licensing.

		Perhaps we should all look for the most fun ways to destroy
M$ CDs, and
		then have a carnival of insidious proprietary software


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