[clug] Clug mailing list & Spam (also the CLUG website)

Jepri jepri at webone.com.au
Thu Jun 5 09:03:08 EST 2003

On 2003.06.05 08:19, Alastair D'Silva wrote:
> 1> Recent days have seen large increases in the amount of spam hitting
> the list - perhaps its time to review the decision to allow
> non-subscribers to post?

I see it as a challenge for my spam filter, but others might not be so 

> 2> I'm in the process of developing a portal/news style site a'la
> Postnuke/Geeklog/etc. The difference being that its:


We essentially have a story/portal site - it's the archives.  When I'm 
at work and can't post, I follow conversations in the archives.  It 
works quite well, and came free with the mailing software.  Slap a 
pretty front end on that and we'd have a portal.

> Anyway, I figure that CLUG would get good use from it (and I'll get
> some
> quality testing) so I'm happy to grant a license to CLUG. Depending on
> the legal structure of CLUG, I may hold the license myself, or grant
> it
> to Tridge, Bob Edwards or Eyal. All someone needs to do is come up
> with
> a decentish theme for the site. I'd do it myself but my graphical
> skills
> leave a lot to be desired.

Wouldn't that be sending a slightly confused message?  Many people on 
list are rabidly pro Free-Software, and we could all demonstrate this 
by... using proprietry software.

On the other hand, it's not like anyone is in charge here.  If you 
start a CLUG website and everyone uses it, then it'll be *the* CLUG 

And it would be nice to have an up-to-date webpage.


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