[clug] Debian's 10th birthday

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Wed Jun 4 23:19:18 EST 2003

Simon Fowler (simon at himi.org) wrote:

> Hmmm . . . . We could spend the time between now and August 
> collecting Windows CDs of all sorts

I'd rather spend that time collecting venereal diseases of all sorts.
Oh wait, you already said that ;)

I fail to see the relevence of Microsoft Windows to any distribution
of Linux, particularly one as fine as Debian.  At worst it's defamation
against the Debian Project, SPI and the FSF to be equating them in any
way.  The theory that Microsoft is the Enemy is FUD spread by Microsoft
to make stupid people think that their software is somewhere close to,
if not in, the same league as a *real* operating system.  Stop it.

How about the 10th birthday of Debian is spent donating $10 to the
Debian project, or installing Debian for 10 friends / relatives / 
coworkers / associates / local businesses / etc ?


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