[clug] RE: Open Source promo stall

Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
Thu Jul 24 12:36:34 EST 2003

> and also demonstrating the software - people will be more likely to boot
> off a CD they saw working.. if we get a freebie demo computer for the
> day it will likely have XP on it - so that proves that Knoppix doesn't
> hurt XP.

That's an idea. Have a bootable distro that sets itself up as a
CD burning kiosk. Insert blank CD. Click on product you want.
Wait for chosen product to pop out. That could be almost self service
with a honesty jars for donations to whatever charity they agree with.

> >  - Moderate demand. Will we need to be prepared for hundreds of people
> >    grabbing CDs only because they are free? Will we be able to burn CDs
> >    that fast? Maybe charge a modest sum (say $2 per CD)and donate it to
> >    a charity on behalf of us, the fair and whoever donates the blank CDs.
> >    That should avoid the "gimmee" crowd and also get a little publicity.

> The price could be lower than that, really, and a donation of CDs is no
> longer necessary in that case. If you charge more than the CD costs you
> can be self-sustaining and still pay for the volunteers to have pizza
> for lunch!

I was actually thinking about the limit on how fast we can burn CDs. If it's
absolutely free, I wouldn't be suprised if we were unable to keep up with
people grabbing CDs purely because they are free. Anyone genuinely interested
won't mind $2 especially if it is going to something like freedom from hunger.


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