[clug] (SEC: UNCLASSIFIED) Linux booting - GRUB

Lisman, Jarrad FLGOFF Jarrad.Lisman at defence.gov.au
Thu Jul 10 15:51:14 EST 2003

This bounced the first time so hopefully it does not appear twice :)

Thanks fot the responses the problem boiled down to the way grub references
the root partition in its .conf file. As I was trying to boot with multiple
operating system disks (on different harddrives) then they all have a
LABEL=/ reference. As far as I can gather... ie I am assuming... that this
confuses GRUB when there are multiple partitions labeled "/".
To solve my problem I had to "hardwire" the /etc/fstab references to "/" and
"/boot" from:
	LABEL=/		/		blah balh
	LABEL=/boot		/boot		blah blah
	/dev/hda3		/		blah blah
	/dev/hda2		/boot		blah blah
and in the grub.conf file I had to change:
	kernel=vmlinuz-2.4.14-20 ro root=LABEL=/
	kernel=vmlinuz-2.4.14-20 ro root=/dev/hda3
I only did this on the drive I wished to boot off... I would assume I would
have to make similar changes to the other drive(s) if I wished to boot from
that one as well.
If anyone has any comments/improvements/suggestions etc can they please let
me know as I thought I had this problem solved once before by using command
line grub but obviously not in all cases and I would not like to have this
happen to me again... becomes quite frustrating really 8-)


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