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John Griffiths johnboy at the-riotact.com
Tue Jul 8 10:26:16 EST 2003

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Lundy's already pretty much nailed the ALP colours to the mast in the
att'd release from friday.

It's really important that *we* don't let it become a left wing issue
(greens and Dems have started to talk to the issue as well).

There's a very good chance the libs will be in gov for the next 5 years
(it's not certain but do you want to bet the farm against it?).

The libertarian aspects of traditional (vestigial?) Liberal ideology
should find OS/FS attractive, but they do love having lunch with
powerful well dressed people, and being photographed with Bill G.

But if you can get the right people on message then a desire to *not*
let it become an issue owned by the enemy might gain suprising acceptance.


Carl Jackson wrote:
> Thanks everyone for your help and feed back.
> Those that wish to write or phone I suggest you start with ACT Liberal
> Senator Gary Humphries Senator.Humphries at aph.gov.au.  Ph. 62476444.
> I've met with him, spoken with him on the phone and emailed him many
> times on this topic so he's well briefed already.   He is our local
> Senator and a member of the government so it will be the best "bang for
> buck" - we need to make it clear to him that his voters care about this
> issue.  My line with him has been "jobs and wealth for Canberra" -
> anything that reinforced that would be particularly useful.   Be aware
> that only "moderate" Open Source legislation should be suggested eg. a
> requirement that OS alternatives be "considered" in tenders.    Radical
> proposals such as manditory OS everywhere will not fly with a
> conservative government and could scare Gary off.    It is quite
> possible that Gary will become OSs best friend in the Government - he
> was very pro-IT in the ACT assembly - he is a cautious man but I am
> convinced he can be won over.  And don't forget that Microsoft had a
> huge go at Sen. Alston a couple of years ago so the Libs do not see them
> as a friend.
> I suspect ACT Labor Senator Kate Lundy will announce her support for OS
> in some form in the next week or so - but sending her an encouraging
> email can't hurt - senator.lundy at aph.gov.au (make sure you mention that
> you are a Canberra voter and not just another IT lobbyist from
> interstate as she is shadow IT minister and get emails from everywhere)
>     If anyone hears about any new US Gov OS initiatives, particularly
> from any Republican members (like the one in Oregon) please let me
> know - that stuff is useful.
> Carl Jackson

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