[clug] Latest Galeon/Mozilla and Java - Solution!

James McNeill James at heague.com.au
Thu Jul 3 09:16:37 EST 2003

> > St George still doesn't work properly, but this time it's the
> > javascript - it keeps opening tabs until I stop it.  Even after I
> > switch off "Open new windows in tabs".

I've been using St. George w/ Firebird, and always have the "open new
windows in tabs" option checked. St george's pop up window is quite happy to
run in a tab on my machine. I don't think this is what's causing your

> For what it's worth, ANZ's system uses no Java, works very well under
> Mozilla and is pretty nicely designed to boot.  There's no guarantee
> they won't break it in the future of course. :-(

but ... st george is /so/ good. and their net banking is a beautiful thing
when it works.


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