[clug] pthread coroutines

Simon Burton simon at arrowtheory.com
Thu Jul 3 08:05:02 EST 2003

On Wed, 2 Jul 2003 23:24:17 +1000
Jepri <jepri at webone.com.au> wrote:

> Waitaminit - I just read that with my thinking cap on...
> If you only want one out of two threads running all the time, there is 
> a common, simlpe portable solution...
> use a single threaded application.
> I assumed that you wanted to generalise this to n threads, but from 
> your responses it looks like you really only have two threads running, 
> and only one at a time.
> Obrant:
> There are only a few cases where threading really helps, most of the 
> rest are situations where a non-blocking calls and forking would serve 
> just as well.

Yeah, i hear you. Believe me i avoid threads as much as i can.

In this case i am interfacing to the portaudio library, it uses a callback,
and i'm not up to slaving the whole of python and python scripts to such a callback,
so now they are different threads ... etc. etc.

I am thinking about "n threads", and weather this mutex stuff (ie. kernel scheduling) would scale,
it's kinda interesting.


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