Call for Presenters - AUUG Systems Administration Symposium

Martin Schwenke martins at
Fri Feb 28 17:44:04 EST 2003

			   Call For Presenters
 		   AUUG Systems Administration Symposium
 	      Theme: New Challenges in System Administration
This is the first call for papers for the first AUUG System Administration
symposium to be held on April 9th in Melbourne at the Australian Industry
Group's conference facilities and themed to try to canvas new challenges
in Systems Admin being brought to us by new technologies or new application
of existing technologies.

AUUG welcomes proposals on any subject related to systems administration in
general or the theme of future systems administration in particular. Some
ideas for potential topics are presented below but these are by no means
intended to be exhaustive or limiting. In particular, those with expertise
in specific areas or generalists who wish to speak outside these areas should
not feel constrained from responding.

 	Open Source: how is it changing the playing field...

 	Database: open source d/bs vs. established commercial players, 
 		oracle 9i-rack in the field,

 	New PC I/O technologies: PCI-X, Infiniband, HyperTransport (aka LDT)

 	Integrating PCs and UNIX systems: where are we

 	Storage: how will new technologies like firewire, iSCSI and Infiniband
 		change NAS, SAN, and direct attached storage.

 	Backup: where are tape technologies headed? will they catch disks?

 	Networks: (Apple Rendezvous product)

 	Communications: 10gig ether, 1gig ether, wireless, QoS, VoIP, VPNs

 	Clusters: 6 oxen vs. 1000 chickens? does it work.

 	Spam: new challenges, new solutions? (Bayesian filtering?)

 	LDAP: The promise of an open directory meets vendors and implementors,
 		where is single sign on? (Is it dead?)

 	Security: what's new? what's old? how do you get there from here...
 		secure PC platforms and their implications for us...

 	Capacity planning: how to do it for clusters and distributed solutions

 	Web & e-Everything: new trends, old trends.
 Those of you interested in participating are invited to supply an abstract
 of your presentation of 100-500 words and possibly a short biography if you
 feel that will help in your successful selection. Papers are encouraged but
 not mandatory for the symposium proper and will only be published online on
 the AUUG web site for conference delegates to access there.
 Please forward all proposals/abstracts to sysadm at by
 Monday 24th March, 2003

Martin Schwenke <martins at>
President, Canberra Chapter, AUUG

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