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Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Wed Feb 26 23:39:31 EST 2003

On Monday, February 24, 2003, at 09:42 , Peter Lavender wrote:

> I'm getting complaints about my signatures coming through as
> attachments in kmail, pine and outlook...

That's the way they look to MIME compliant mail readers.  Check RFC 2015.

The real problem is badly designed mail readers that insist on saving 
attachments to the desktop (or to any location outside the mail 
program).  My mail reader of choice (Apple's Mail.app) is smart enough 
to not save attachments to disk until you actually ask it to (gasp! 
shock! horror!).

I know it's not much consolation, but you could try having your 
text-signature (the pithy quote signature) contain some text along the 
lines of "the signature.asc attachment is your guarantee that this 
message came from me".


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