tpg ADSL unlimited plan

John newsx1 at
Thu Feb 20 13:38:40 EST 2003

> No, TPG has the contract with Telstra and pays the rental

So TPG pays the phone and offers ...unlimited ADSL..for how long?

Reminds me of the time TPGI offered unlimited dial up internet 
services,  buying hours which could carry over month to month...for 
a while...!

and then they changed that!

They then changed their rates, again, then their connection time 
limits...and it goes on.

and now a six months fair warning in 6 months they will 
change the rules. 

TPG or TPGI don't have a lot of credibility when it comes to 
maintaining rates, it has usually been a "teaser" until they get the 

It will be interesting to see if they really have structured a durable 
business plan on ADSL.



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