[Slightly OT] Perl problem on Win32

Donovan J. Edye d.edye at bigfoot.com
Wed Feb 19 20:30:39 EST 2003


I am an extreme newbie to Perl and just having some problems which I hope
someone can point me in the right direction. I saw
http://www.sql-ledger.org/ come across the list a while ago and it suited my
needs perfectly. For various reasons I have had to install this on Win32. I
have all I need installed:

- PostgreSQL
- Apache
- ActivePerl

The only snag is that I need the perl package DBD-Pg. It is not in the
repositories Perl Package Manager (PPM) that ActiveState is configured with.
I have searched high and low and cannot seem to find a _Win32_ version of
DBD-Pg that is PPM compliant (I would rather PPM did the hard work of
putting things in the right place and making sure the relevant config files
are updated)? So does anyone know of a URL that has this package somewhere
that I can download with PPM? (And yes I have contacted the author to no


The PPD would need to be something similair to the following:

	<ABSTRACT>PostgreSQL database driver for the DBI module</ABSTRACT>
	<AUTHOR>Edmund Mergl (E.Mergl at bawue.de)</AUTHOR>
		<OS NAME="MSWin32" />
		<ARCHITECTURE NAME="MSWin32-x86-multi-thread" />
		<CODEBASE HREF="x86/DBD-Pg.tar.gz" />

Web: http://www.edye.wattle.id.au 

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