tpg ADSL unlimited plan

Steven Hanley sjh at
Wed Feb 19 13:59:04 EST 2003


Okay so I need to get ADSL in the next week or so, I have had a look at tpg
and notice they have an unlimited plan, with 256Kbit ADSL this sounds too
good to be true.

$70/month for unlimited time and download, also they claim you get a static
ip address.

I must say the idea of using this and running a mail server to handle an mx
record for or something is very tempting, along with using
it as my standard conection for home.

Do they let you run servers? have any other people used this unlimited
account and had any problems? Are they likely to change the plans sometime
soon and keep you locked in somehow? How long is their contract period? (I
can not find that information in the FAQ or on the standard adsl webpage

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