Framebuffer on PowerMac 8200

Andreas Bauer baueran at
Sun Feb 16 04:13:28 EST 2003

Hello Clugers,

I'm running Debian unstable on my PowerMac 8200.  It works great, but the
X config is giving me major grief.  I can't seem to install xserver-fbdev
on it -- the only X server which supports this kind of machine (according
to a lot of Googling).

X does work, however, but the image is shifted to the left about 50%, so
it is not really usable.

Does anyone know how I can install the old fbdev on Debian, or,
alternatively, how to fix recent XFree 4.2 to work with an OldWorld

Thanks in advance,

(o_  Andreas Bauer, baueran at,
//\  "A commune is where people join together to share their lack of
V_/_  wealth." -- Richard Stallman

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