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Gary Woodman antigramp at yahoo.com.au
Sat Feb 15 00:53:52 EST 2003

--- James McNeill <james at heague.com.au> wrote:
> Happy Valentine's everyone!
> I've a quick query about swap sizes.
> I'm running a file server, 128mb RAM. What size of swap partition
> would be appropriate?
> Red Hat "Reccomends" about 2x you RAM is best.

That's a good rule of thumb... but it depends on your workload. If
you're just serving up files and printers and so on, it's probably

> Is there any reason shouldn't have a 2gb swap?

Most of the time, it's a waste of space. If you were loading it with
processes, you'd usually run out of CPU time, I/O bandwidth, and/or
patience long before it's filled. There might also be a large slot map
and/or other control blocks in memory, which would be


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