migrtaing from Telstra ADSL to TPG (was: Re: "Unlimited numbe r of network users"??? )

Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au
Fri Feb 14 10:11:34 EST 2003

You can apply to the the new ISP *before* cancelling the existing
one[1]. In fact, if your exchange is short of links, that's preferable
to Telstra potentially re-allocating your link to someone else (hopefully
no-longer an issue).

Despite my best planning to minimise the outage, Telstra/Bigpond managed
to stuff it up. They suspended my login immediately, but took their sweet
time removing the link at the exhange[2]. I had given them a future date and
asked for these two jobs to be done the day before my Netspace account went
live. Naturally, Netspace weren't able to do anything until this was resolved
and I was without 'net for about a week.

Talking to the right people in the exchange area of Telstra (I think) got
the mess sorted out straight away. I think I still have the numbers somewhere.

[1] Well, Netspace let me.
[2] Not peculiar to any network group in my experience, Murphy reigns.

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On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Alex Satrapa wrote:
AS> > 2. When you sign up, what do you get? I didn't see anything about
AS> > installation or a modem so is it BYO?
AS> With the X-Machine, you get a USB ADSL modem.  If you buy just the
AS> unlimited ADSL plan, you have to either supply your own ADSL modem, or
AS> buy a modem from TPG (cheap USB or expensive Ethernet).  IIRC the
AS> installation is DIY.

On a related subject: can anybody share experiences of migrating from
Telstra ADSL to TPG? My understanding (from reading TPG web pages) is that
one needs to cancel the Telstra ADSL *first* before even applying for TPG
ADSL? Any gotchas in the process?


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