migrtaing from Telstra ADSL to TPG (was: Re: 'Unlimited number of network users'??? )

Daniel McNamara daniel at codefish.net.au
Fri Feb 14 10:08:15 EST 2003

It's the same as migrating from Telstra Bigpond to *any* other ADSL
providers. You must ring up Bigpond, get them to cancel the account (they
can do this while you wait. On no account allow them to ring you back. the
buggers never do). Bigpond will then issue you with a code that confirms
that their speed codes have been removed from your line. Most other ADSL
providers now have a sign up form that has a field for entering this
cancellation code (I know Internode certainly does). Migrating from
Bigpond is a pain but it can be done.



> On Thu, 13 Feb 2003, Alex Satrapa wrote:
> ...
> AS> > 2. When you sign up, what do you get? I didn't see anything about
> AS> > installation or a modem so is it BYO?
> AS>
> AS> With the X-Machine, you get a USB ADSL modem.  If you buy just the
> AS> unlimited ADSL plan, you have to either supply your own ADSL modem,
> or AS> buy a modem from TPG (cheap USB or expensive Ethernet).  IIRC the
> AS> installation is DIY.
> AS>
> On a related subject: can anybody share experiences of migrating from
> Telstra ADSL to TPG? My understanding (from reading TPG web pages) is
> that one needs to cancel the Telstra ADSL *first* before even applying
> for TPG ADSL? Any gotchas in the process?
> Marek

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