"Unlimited number of network users"??? (was Re: Linux pre-installed machines from TPG)

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Feb 13 18:23:37 EST 2003

On Thursday, February 13, 2003, at 05:19 , Maxious (Alex Sadleir) wrote:

> Here's the million dollar questions:
> 1. (and most important) When it says "Unlimited number of network 
> users ",
> does that mean i can plug my modem right into a hub and run the 
> software on
> any computer (probably not @ the same time anyway)?

Unlimited network users means you can stick as many people as you want 
on the non-ADSL side of the X-Machine.  I'll clarify this with TPG if 
you want, but the impression I got is that they're trying to legitimise 
the current "status quo" - people plug one machine into the ADSL, that 
machine gets connected to a private network, and runs NAT to allow all 
internal users to access the Internet through the ADSL network.

Regardless of policy, I would not suggest using the same ADSL modem from 
multiple machines - use one machine as your firewall, and connect the 
ADSL modem to it.  Huge security and configuration issues are yours for 
free if you decide to share your ADSL modem between computers.

> 2. When you sign up, what do you get? I didn't see anything about
> installation or a modem so is it BYO?

With the X-Machine, you get a USB ADSL modem.  If you buy just the 
unlimited ADSL plan, you have to either supply your own ADSL modem, or 
buy a modem from TPG (cheap USB or expensive Ethernet).  IIRC the 
installation is DIY.
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