Hardware for sale

Ben Elliston bje+dated+1045255627.0229a7 at air.net.au
Mon Feb 10 07:47:05 EST 2003

It's time for a bit of a chuck-out.  I have the following items for
sale and it's all got to go!

  * SoundBlaster 1.5 card and speakers
  * Basic set of speakers
  * HP DeskJet 500 printer
  * Tower case
  * 3 x 1.44MB floppy drives
  * Adaptec 1542 SCSI controller
  * 2 x Sony SCSI CD-ROM drives
  * Lucent PCMCIA <-> ISA bridge card
  * 3Com PCMCIA ethernet card (with fly lead)
  * Maestro Executive 14.4kbps external modem
  * Amiga 520 TV modulator
  * Canon BJC-80 printer with portable kit
  * CentreCOM MX10 802.3 transceiver (AUI <=> 10Base2)

Please send offers on any of this stuff (or enquiries) to me by email.

Cheers, Ben
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