News - TiVo mutes sales in Britain

Alfred alfred at
Fri Feb 7 09:59:52 EST 2003

Ahh, in case I didn't mention it I have recently moved to the US. Hence 
the direct-tivo being useful :) I also pay tivo now for guide data, so I 
am legitimate ;-)

I never saw the 2.5 feature set (my AU based tivo was 1.3 :) but from 
what Chris Yeoh told me when he was over it was similar to 2.5. I do 
like the way the season passes are handled now :)

My only problem is that tivo records 5 hours of law and order each 
day... Not to mention the rest.

George Bray wrote:
> Alfred,
> So how do you get the programming information for Australian [pay|fta] 
> networks? Isn't that one of the features, "record all future Giligan's 
> Island shows for me"?
>     Jealous George
> At 9:46 AM -0800 6/2/03, Alfred wrote:
>> Just to make everyone jealous, I have a series 2 tivo and it runs 
>> pretty sweet :) No real changes over the 2.5 UI but the dual tuners (I 
>> have a direct-tivo) is very handy and the usb ports make plugging it 
>> into a network trivial. The only problem is the cryptographically 
>> signed kernel/modules, but that is being worked on :)
>> Neil Pickford wrote:
>>> For those playing with TiVo looks like the PAL UK model is ending.
>>> A new version has been launched in the States
>>> Neil Pickford
>>> --------------------------

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