News - TiVo mutes sales in Britain

Neil Pickford neilp at
Thu Feb 6 23:31:51 EST 2003

For those playing with TiVo looks like the PAL UK model is ending.
A new version has been launched in the States
Neil Pickford

TiVo mutes sales in Britain

By Matthew Broersma 
Special to CNET
February 5, 2003, 8:09 AM PT

TiVo, the digital video recorder company, has confirmed that it is
scaling down its business in the United Kingdom, and has stopped
manufacturing its DVR set-top boxes for sale there.

The company quietly pulled the plug on many of its U.K. operations last
month, and stopped selling its DVR equipment.  "Unfortunately we no
longer have any stock of the Thomson Digital Video Recorder.  This is as
a result of Thomson's contract to manufacture the units for the U.K.
market coming to an end," the company said in a statement.

Existing supplies of TiVo hardware may still be in the retail channel,
the company said, emphasizing that all current customers and any new
purchasers will continue to receive the TiVo service.  This includes
features such as an automated television program guide that keeps track
of scheduling changes.


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