Samba help please

Howard Lowndes lannet at
Thu Feb 6 07:56:27 EST 2003

Visualise 2 subnets.

LINDOM domain is 2 Linux boxes each running Samba 2.2.5, call them LINONLY
and LINWIN. The domain controller is LINWIN and is also the local master.  
LINWIN is also a WINS server.  Browse list sharing is also enabled from 
LINONLY to LINWIN, and reverse.

WINDOM domain is a number of Windows boxes, some running XP and others 
running NT or 98 (no 2K).  The Linux box LINWIN is also on this subnet, 
but the domain controller for the WINDOM domain is one of the NT boxes, 
lets call it WINNT, and lets call one of the XP boxes WINXP.

The LINDOM is configured to be highly permissive on both boxes, with
Security=share and guest account=true.

smbclient on either of the Linux boxes has no problem seeing each other.  
smbclient on LINWIN can also see WINNT, but the shares are not viewable 
(presumably due to access restrictions, but this is not the problem).

A WINXP box can see the LINDOM domain and can browse the shares on LINWIN 
but gets an access denied error when it tries to browse LINONLY.

A WINNT box gets an access denied error when it tries to see the LINDOM 
domain and naturally is unable to browse either LINWIN or LINONLY.

As a minimum I need WINXP to be able to browse LINONLY.

iptables filters are not a problem here.

Ideas would be nice :)

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