Attack Against Port 6881?

Ben Elliston bje at
Wed Feb 5 07:50:48 EST 2003

>>>>> "Alex" == Alex Satrapa <grail at> writes:

  Alex> Seeing as I didn't willfully misuse the service, and Telstra
  Alex> was happy to continue to carry the SYN packets (and charge me
  Alex> for the traffic - that's like charging for dialling a number
  Alex> regardless of whether I get a connection or not), then it
  Alex> wasn't unauthorised use, so they can't get away with the "any"
  Alex> part of that clause.

I'm not unsympathetic to your situation, but in essence, traffic you
never wanted is also traffic that your ISP never wanted.  In the case
of smaller ISPs, they've incurred the charge, too.  They have little
choice but to pass on the cost to you.  Sure, Telstra could be a bit
different.  ;-)

Let us know how you get on.


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