Attack Against Port 6881?

Alex Satrapa grail at
Wed Feb 5 01:33:16 EST 2003

On Wednesday, February 5, 2003, at 12:44 , Ben Elliston wrote:

> Good luck.  I suspect the terms of your service contract will ensure
> you'll be paying the bill in full.

The Telstra Terms and Conditions State:

> 8.1 You must indemnify us against any loss, damage, liability, expense, 
> cost or charge arising from or incurred in connection with:
> (a) any fault in the Telstra BigPond broadband Service, the broadband 
> transmission facilities or the Software due to your negligence or 
> wilful misuse, or any unauthorised use of the Telstra BigPond broadband 
> Service, the Software or the Equipment; and
> (b) breach by you of the Acceptable Use Policy ; and(c) any Equipment 
> provided by you.
> 8.2 Telstra accepts liability for the supply of the Telstra BigPond 
> broadband Service but only to the extent provided in this clause 8.

Seeing as I didn't willfully misuse the service, and Telstra was happy 
to continue to carry the SYN packets (and charge me for the traffic - 
that's like charging for dialling a number regardless of whether I get a 
connection or not), then it wasn't unauthorised use, so they can't get 
away with the "any" part of that clause.

They can't try telling me it was 6Gb worth of traffic either - there was 
no traffic, just SYN packets.  There was no data exchanged.  Well... 
they'll probably try telling me that it was traffic, but there's no 
indication from my end that Telstra wasn't just flooding my link with 
bogus SYN packets to boost their income for the month.
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