remote firewall advice

Mick Howe mickhowe at
Tue Feb 4 16:10:31 EST 2003

On Tuesday 04 February 2003 15:46, Antti.Roppola at shouted from the 
> I mention this because I understand that things like Gibraltar and IPCop
> do not seem to like older hardware.
> Antti

I've been running IPCop on a 5x86 with 32mb ram and 420mb hdd for over a year 
now, using at first dial-up for about 10 months and then ADSL since october 
and the only problem I've had is the box crashing every 45 days until I 
applied the log file fix.

I also set one up for a local internet cafe six weeks ago (PIII, 256mb, 1.2gb) 
to replace XP on the same box. Then report faster service and less trouble 
with online gaming.


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