Hard drive errors

James McNeill james at heague.com.au
Mon Feb 3 09:47:46 EST 2003

If your heads get damaged, this can be the result. Have you changed any
BIOS/jumper settings recently?

If it turns out to be the controler on the disk, mayhap some kind soul on
the list will have the same model HDD & will borrow you it.

I had the same problem with a 1 GB disk years ago. Not alot you can do if it
is a mechanical failure.


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| Hi, I've got a little problem with a 30GB hard drive.
| I started getting the odd report about bad sectors so I thought I'd run
| badblocks on it to check it out. Problem is, it reported every single
| as being bad.
| I'm pretty sure not all of them are bad, but stranger things have happened
| guess (not that I'm aware of though?).
| As far as I can tell, there's two possibilities here. One, is that I'm
| getting inaccurate reports from badblocks. Anyone experienced anything
| similair? Or two, the hard drive controller is cactus.
| Does anyone have any thoughts / suggestions on this?
| Cheers.
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