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Basil Chupin blchupin at tpg.com.au
Tue Dec 30 09:06:46 GMT 2003

Brad Hards wrote:
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> I'm moving house. I have stuff I don't want:
> 1. Pentium 133 (48 meg RAM?). I used it as an ADSL gateway with Mitel's SME 
> server - has two NICs. I probably should get the harddrive out, since I 
> haven't reformatted it.
> 2. HP portable deskjet printer
> 3. HP695 inkjet printer.
> 4. Spare power supply.
> 5. electric frypan in reasonable condition.
> 6. 34cm TV (note: RF only input)
> 7. Other stuff - I can't remember it all, but you are welcome to browse.
> If you are willing to pick it up tomorrow (Wednesday 31 Dec 2003) from Curtin 
> ACT, it is yours.
> First email received wins. If no-one offers, I'm taking it to Revolve.

Revolve is no good. They do not accept computers, TVs or monitors (been 
there, done that last Monday).

And from 1 January it will cost people $10 per computer and $15 per 
monitor to dump them at the garbage dump.


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