[clug] [OT] FWD: RE: Intel 2011B with spectrum_cs Oops:2

Cody miller websadmin at menslink.org.au
Mon Dec 29 06:37:58 GMT 2003

if some one can help this guy but not email me please email replys to
ermannobonifazi at hotmail.com thanks

>I'm pretty sure that the problem depend from the spectrum driver. I have no
>problem I if try to bind the card with orinoco_cs driver (but this driver
>not support Intel 2011B).
>I do not have pcmcia cs installed sperately cause red hat 8.0 come with
>PCMCIA support enable and pmcia cs standalone package do not need (and do
>not permit) to be installed.
>I believe the problem do not depend by IRQ cause if I disable Spectrum_cs
>driver all works fine, the card is recognized but the system not found a
>suitable driver (in fact I have disabled spectrum_cs).

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