[clug] LCA 2004 LPI certifications SEC: UNCLASSIFIED

Cox, Neil Neil.Cox at defence.gov.au
Mon Dec 22 23:12:47 GMT 2003

I'm having a go too.  

I've been working through the O'Reilly book. Most of the stuff (in the book)
is fairly straightforward, bt there are a few things I haven't run in to
before.  I'm hoping that 8+  years of linux will be enough to scrape a
passing grade.

I'm interested in having a chat too anyone going to LCA.  I've lurked around
the edges of CLUG for years now and recognise many names, but few faces.
When and where are the questions I guess. I'm pretty much flat out until
christmas, but I could find a few hours for a good cause.


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is anyone else thinking about taking the LPI certifications in Adelaide? 
If you are, we should get together and have a chat about things sometime.



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