[clug] PCMCIA problems

David Ananian-Cooper davidac17 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 22 10:43:23 GMT 2003


just trying to get a wireless network card working in my laptop. I've 
got it almost entirly working except for one small quirk which is kinda 

When I put the card in, or remove it, the hotplug subsystem doesn't respond as 
it should until I move my external usb mouse. I've checked the irq's and as i 
guessed, the usb controller and the cardbus controller are sharing the same 
irq - so i'd assume its some irq problem. I have no idea however how to fix 
this!! has anyone had this problem before, or does anyone have any ideas how 
I would fix this?

thanks in advance,

David Ananian-Cooper
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