[clug] [INVITE] Christmas Barbecues

Matthew Hawkins matt at mh.dropbear.id.au
Wed Dec 17 06:45:21 GMT 2003

Michael Still said:
>    Bring: Something to cook on the BBQ, noting this specific requirement...
>    *********
>    * No pig of any form will be cooked on my barbeque. This is because
>    * my wife is outrageous allergic to pig of all forms, and given
>    * cast iron is absorbant, I don't want her to swell up and die at a
>    * later date. This would make my married life quite awkward...
>    *********
>    Also bring: Salad if you want it, and drinks
>    I will provide: Whitty conversation, a wireless access point, mind
> bogglingly
> fast 56kbit Internet, small children, a single sports shoe, ice, hopefully
> enough plates and cutlery of various forms.
>    You'll be able to spot the house, it's the only one on the street with an
> illuminated penguin on it.

Just imagine what MacGuyver could do with all this stuff!


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