[clug] Debian installer with e1000 driver?

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue Dec 16 07:36:53 GMT 2003


so, I have this box. It's got a USB keyboard, and is quite modern, so I 
booted the Debian 3.0r1 installer using the 2.4 kernel, whatever it said 
for a USB keyboard, and the first Debian CD.

There's no driver for the e1000. How do I bootstrap the install with the 
right module? I really want to do this, as I want to install the system 
off the network.

Also, without the network driver I got to the reboot step, at which point 
it printed a screen of "01"'s, and stalled. Did it install the 2.4 kernel 
I asked for during the boot phase of the install, or is the problem there 
that the box has a 2.2 kernel on it now?

Any hints appreciated.



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