[clug] [INVITE] Christmas Barbecues

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Mon Dec 15 03:56:49 GMT 2003

Quoting Michael Still <mikal at stillhq.com>:

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> Quoting Michael Carden <michaelc at panasonic.com.au>:
> > > several RSVPs for Christmas BBQs but no information
> > > about when and where
> > 
> > Shhh. It's a secret.
> No, it's more that nothing has progressed past the informal proposal stage.
> Here's what I propose for Christmas (I can't speak about January, someone
> else can worry about that bit):
   CLUG Christmas BBQ
   20 December 2003 -- 6pm until I get bored and kick you all out

   At: 33 Fred Lane Cresent
       Gordon, ACT
   Url: http://www.whereis.com/search/email_map_redirect.jhtml?id=307294

   Bring: Something to cook on the BBQ, noting this specific requirement...

   * No pig of any form will be cooked on my barbeque. This is because
   * my wife is outrageous allergic to pig of all forms, and given
   * cast iron is absorbant, I don't want her to swell up and die at a
   * later date. This would make my married life quite awkward...
   Also bring: Salad if you want it, and drinks

   I will provide: Whitty conversation, a wireless access point, mind bogglingly
fast 56kbit Internet, small children, a single sports shoe, ice, hopefully
enough plates and cutlery of various forms.

   You'll be able to spot the house, it's the only one on the street with an
illuminated penguin on it.

Any questions?



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