[clug] HDLC high speed serial card recomendations?

Daniel Smith drs at dreamcraft.com.au
Thu Dec 11 06:06:56 GMT 2003

On Wed, Dec 10, 2003 at 04:21:48PM +1100, Michael James wrote:
> Anyone had any experience/recommendations in HDLC serial cards?
> Which are best supported driver-wise?
> We want to connect a Saturn 7000 modem
>  direct to a PC running Debian.
> At present it's plugged into a Cisco 2509 serial port.
> (So we have THAT sort of cable already)
> TIA,
> michaelj

>From reading the Linux Router Project mailing list a couple of
years back, I seem to remember the Sangoma cards were
very highly regarded, and have supported Linux forever.
Not cheap though. Note, the T1 CSU/DSU is optional.


Failing that 8530 based HDLC boards are popular for

All depend on whether this is a 9600 baud problem or
a 4Mb problem. Googling for "Saturn 7000 modem" is
not particularly enlightening.

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